Malaysian PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad with iPhone

Recently, the Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad admitted that he was having problems make full use his smartphone. Speaking about the advancement of technology, the 93-year-old Prime Minister confessed that many of the gadgets today were beyond him.

“I cannot even use my ‘telefon bimbit’ (mobile phone). I know how to use some features. I paid for the whole thing but I don’t know how to utilise the rest,” said Dr Mahathir. “The young today love new technology and they easily make full use of them. Old people like me are unable to understand how these new instruments function,” added he.

Malaysian PM recalled a situation where he was taught how to use gadgets by a 10-year-old girl: “She was teaching me something quite new but she was able to move on the computer quickly. She showed me how to do but I still cannot understand which part to swipe or press. This is the new world we are living in. If we don’t make efforts, we will all be left out”.

This was said by the PM of a large and modern country. And what about your grandmother or old father?

Do they look with surprised eyes, how do you tweet or send voice messages on your smartphone? How do you shop without leaving the dinner table? How do you know the all hottest news from the most distant countries (and maybe Pan Pacific Agency helps you with it), but not watching TV?

Would their lives be easier, and communication with loved ones more frequent and warm, if they were able to do the same?

Our team thinks yes.

So, we are launching a project to create training video courses and printable training cards for elderly people who are afraid of smartphones and other types of gadgets, but still would like to make friendly relations with them.

We think that we are able to unite the entire Asia Pacific region by our project. Because problems of elderly people with smartphones are the same.

If you have such a relative, but you don't know how to explain “which part to swipe or press”, as Malaysian PM said, you definitely will be interested in our project.

And we need your support.

Who we are?

Our team

Our creative team works in Russian city Khabarovsk.

Ordinary we collect and analyse news about Asia Pacific Region for the own media-site Pan Pacific Agency.

We are looking for interesting tasks and editorial projects for the weekend.

The project for elderly people was developed with an autonomous non-profit organization “Far Eastern Agency for the Development of Internet Security” (also DARIB, web site in Russian is here).

Looking for funding

Looking for funding

We are actively looking for new sponsors and funding. Because we need to go though lots of steps. Such as:

Motivating video creation

- Shooting and editing motivating videos (10 clips, 59 seconds duration each) about the project for social networks: why it’s such a problem for elderly people to use smartphones, how smartphone makes an elderly person’s life easier and brighter

- Targeted advertising in social networks (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube)

Content creation

- Content development with the help of professional teachers and psychologists:

  • Initial unit - acquiring basic skills of working with a smartphone (turning on, volume settings, ringing, charging, using of different messengers);
  • Base unit - acquiring the skill of using the browser and searching for information in the Internet;
  • Block for advanced users (active using)
    1. Purchases and payments
    2. How and with he help of what apps to watch videos
    3. How and with he help of what apps to download music
    4. Read books on a smartphone or tablet
    5. Navigate a route using an online map
    6. Social networks
  • Security unit

- Shooting video lessons; splicing, rough cut of the video

Translation and dubbing

- Translation of the content into English and other languages

- Musical arrangement of video-rollers, professional sounding and dubbing

Placement and printing

- Placement of the videos on the network platform

- Record of the videos on CD, USB-flash, etc. for mailing by international mail

- Design, drawing, prepress training cards based on video tutorials

- Print cards (from 1000 ex. in each language), mailing product by international mail.

Now we start with shooting and editing short motivating videos. Many our familiar actors, operators, editors and sound engineers are interested in the project. But not everyone can afford to work for free.


Of course, your help may be free of cost. However, we are ready to offer you our products in return. Such as:


T-shirt with a funny print about the project.


Bag with a print about the project.

Training cards

A set of training cards: box, cards, instructions for use. (By mail, after completion of the project.)

Lessons on the flash-card

Flash card with video lessons. (By mail, after completion of the project.)

Lessons on the DVD

DVD with video lessons. (By mail, after completion of the project.).

Web-link to the lessons

Link by e-mail to the video course on one of the international video platforms.

Mention in the social media

The mention of the donator in the social networks of the project.

Excursion in Khabarovsk

! For those who are not afraid of anything !
Excursion with our team in Khabarovsk. You buy a ticket for a plane and pay for accommodation.
We provide an invitation letter for a visa. We meet you and show you during 2-3 days the most interesting sights and places of Khabarovsk (those places, even Russian tourists don’t know about).

Khabarovsk location